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Homemade Mexican Specialties



Our Meats are All-Natural, Hormone-, Antibiotic-, and Pesticide Free.


(our purveyors are mostly local and include: Mary’s chickens, Black Angus Beef,


Homestead Farms pork)


We are proud to use earth-friendly, biodegradable to-go containers




El Aguila Mexican





1300 Contra Costa Blvd, Suite 12, 


  Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 







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 Due to the current events our business hours has changed:



Open Wednesday to Saturday 11.00am- 8pm


Sunday 11.00am to 7:30pm


       Mondays and Tuesdays  closed       



Tel. (925) 682 4444











call us in to discover TODAY'S specials!!!

















Your choice of:


 Mary's Roasted Chicken, pork Pastor, Black Angus asada, Homemade Chorizo,


Pulled Pork in adobo, Potatoes with caramelized onions and Poblanos chiles,


sauteed Mushrooms, Nopalitos.


Served with fresh onions and cilantro, lime wedges, radishes and  house spicy salsa










Filled with spanish rice, organic whole black beans,


caramelized onions with tomatoes and jalapenos, julienne of lettuces,


roasted tomatillos and chile de arbol sauce and California Gold mozzarella.


Served with house potato chips and salsa.







Torta (sandwich)



Lightly toasted sandwich made using fresh mexican "Telera" bread,


filled with julienne of romaine lettuce, sliced Tomatoes,


Jalapenos, Onions, California Girl mozzarella, Avocado, touch of mayo.   


Served with house potato chips and salsa.










 Lightly toasted handmade Corn Tortilla served with California Girl mozzarella,


mexican crema, julienne of lettuces, salsa and guacamole 












 Tostada de Tinga 



 all-natural chicken braised with caramelized onions and a splash of chipotle,


served on a crisp tortilla


 and finished up with romaine lettuce, queso fresco and mexican crema









2 fresh corn tortillas filled with calabacitas and potatoes,


 Served with crema, queso fresco and a beautiful


roasted tomato, cilantro and avocado sauce.








Tostadas con Nopalitos 















Chicken breast Enchiladas Plate




3 handmade corn tortillas filled with all-natural Mary’s chicken breast.


Served over our delicious Chile Verde sauce.


Finished up with crema, queso fresco, a little cilantro,


Spanish rice and organic black beans





        Homestead Farms all-natural pork braised in Chile Verde




 served with grilled tomatoes and Nopalitos, Spanish rice,


organic whole black beans with epazote


 and 2 fresh homemade corn tortillas





Caldo Tlalpeno:




Hearty all-natural chicken soup with calabacitas, blue lake beans,


rice, chayote, potatoes, carrots and a splash


of chipotle. Finished up with fresh 


avocado and 2 tostadas.











 Oaxacan Style Mole  




Mary's all-natural chicken in our homemade oaxacan style Red Mole,


sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds.


Served with 2 fresh handmade corn tortillas,


spanish rice and  organic whole black beans









Mary's all-natural chicken served with our most delicious sauce made


with toasted ground pumpkin seeds .


Served with grilled calabacitas (mexican zucchine), spanish rice


and 2 handmade corn tortillas







  Chile Relleno con Picadillo de Carne


(call for availability) 




filled with Black Angus ground picadillo de carne


and melted mozzarella cheese.





Chile Relleno con Picadillo de Pollo


estilo Oaxaca


(call for availability) 










      Tiger Prawn Salad  


       All-Natural Chicken Salad   



Tiger Prawns or All-Natural chicken, fresh tomatoes, romaine lettuce,


watercress, radishes, avocado,


in a cilantro and lemon vinaigrette



















garnished with Galletas Maria












Melts in your mouth!


Served with  house carmel or


raspberry sauce












Freshly made Potato Chips 


we fry with TransFat-Free Oil from rice bran












Nopalitos (cactus salad)



Spanish rice



Frijoles de la Olla with epazote (organic whole black beans)



Handmade corn tortillas













All Natural Homemade Aguas Frescas


-Horchata, rice drink with almond milk, vanilla and cinnamon


- Jamaica (Hibiscus Iced Tea) or


seasonal fresh fruit agua fresca




Made to Order Juices:







-Specialty Sodas (Jarritos)








 "El Aguila" Michelada

Clamato, lime, worcheshire sauce,

tajin (chile and salt) and CORONA



Classic Agave Margarita


Agave liqueur, Fresh lime juice, triple sec,

fresh lime. Salted rim



Pomegranite Agave Margarita


Agave liqueur, Pom Pomegranite juice, triple sec,

fresh lime. Salted rim



Tamarindo Agave Margarita


Agave liqueur, Natural Tamarindo,

 triple sec, fresh lime. Salted rim with chile tajin










Modelo Especial












Malbec, Portillo,2012, Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina


 Brut Reserva Cava,Segura Viudas, Spain. individual mini bottle


Chardonnay, LaTour Ardeche 2013, Burgundy, France















1300 Contra Costa Blvd Ste12,  Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 



   Open Wednesdays to Saturdays  11.30am- 8pm


    Sundays 11:30am- 7:30pm


TEL. (925) 682 4444


Homemade Mexican Specialties


Our Meats are All-Natural, Hormone-, Antibiotic-, and Pesticide Free.


(our purveyors are mostly local and include: Mary’s chickens, Black Angus Beef, Homestead Farms pork)


We are proud to use earth-friendly, biodegradable to-go containers



All food intended to be served in aluminum containers


Freshly made potato chips  $ 9.50


All-natural Chicken tinga $53.75 / tostadas fried in trans-fat free oil 10 cents ea


Spanish rice  $ 19.99


Organic pinto beans Refried beans   $ 19.99


Organic Whole black beans   $ 24.99


Nopalitos (cactus salad) with fresh tomatoes and red onions   $ 40


Mexican zucchine braised with caramelized onions, fresh corn and tomatoes $45


Yukon Gold potatoes sautéed with onions and poblano chile (papas con rajas) $40


Chile rellenos with beef picadillo (gluten free) $10ea  min. order 5


All-natural  Black Angus Beef asada   $ 57.50


Mary's all-natural Roasted  Chicken $ 46.50


Mary's all-natural chicken in our outstanding Chile Verde sauce $56.50


Homestead Farms all-natural Pork Pastor or Homemade Chorizo  $ 52.50


Homestead Farms all-natural pulled Pork marinated in adobo  $ 65.99




Arroz con leche served with pineapple/orange confit $ 35


Flan, silky delicious custard $45




Size 1 quart


Salsa verde with fresh tomatillo $ 10.50


House spicy salsa roja $ 11.75


Guacamole  $ 12.50


Crema Mexicana $ 9.99




Looking for something not listed here?

We are happy to consider your specific requests.

Please contact giorgiascardini for your Next Event!


prices subject to change without notice